Limitations of Architecture as A profession

Being a Factory Designer appears to be an awesome job. However, Top Architects in Delhi suggest that one must know the pitfalls of being associated with fields like designing and architecture. Though there are umpteen advantages of being an Industrial Architect but there are some limitations also that you need to face. Here we are going to discuss the limitations of architecture as a profession so that you make a choice wisely.

Age is an indicator of knowledge

One thing that you will realize after getting into the field searching for projects is that age is not just a number and actually matters a lot in this profession. People correlate your age with your knowledge, skill as well as expertise. More age implies that you have more experience in this field and thus people are willing to handover their projects to you assuming that your experience will bring to life exactly what they want or have imagined. This association that people have developed between the age and skills will continue for quite a long time before the perception finally changes.

Monotonous profession

This profession since ages has been pursued basically by the male gender and there are very less females who opt for the profession though the picture is changing with more females opting for the same. This implies that each time you head out for a meeting or to the field work you are inclined just to see the males and thus the ideas and perceptions that are shared are also monotonous. There is hardly a diversity which makes this profession quite boring for some in the initially stages when one hardly gets engrossed in the project works.

All in all, these are the limitations of architecture as a profession that you need to know prior to opting it as a career choice.